Med Care Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on sternal wound care in order to prevent infections in adult cardiac surgery patients, and (OTC) over the counter topical pain medications and medicated creams products after a heart surgery. We are committed to improving patients’ lives in meaningful ways by providing effective therapies along with educational tools that support their proper use. Our mission is to help surgeons to provide their patients with affordable and safer sternal wound care and OTC topical pain medicine treatments. 

Sternal wound infection post-cardiac surgery is a serious complication that can lead to increased length of stay, substantial financial impact, and increased mortality. The occurrence of sternal wound infections has been reported from 0.4% to 4% of postoperative cardiac surgeries. It is imperative that every heart surgery program implements the best practice to prevent the detrimental effects of sternal wound infections.

Sternal wound infection is a life-threatening complication after cardiac surgery associated with high morbidity and mortality. Pharma medical options are including closed suction and continuous irrigation. Current paradigms in the management of sternal wound infection include surgical debridement, vacuum-assisted closure therapy, flap coverage, and sternal plating.